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Babblin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /bab-lin/

Also spelled or known as: Babbling

Related: Babble, Babbler, Babbling

What does Babblin’ mean?

To be talking a lot or for a long time with no meaning or specific point.

Babblin’ Synonyms: Ramblin’, Yappin

Example sentence:Shorty over there is always babbling.”

Babblin’ in songs:

I’m in the habit of grabbin’ a mic and babblin’, I dabble in Vics But I might just swallow my fuckin’ Ritalin tablet after tonight” – Eminem, Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2).

“Moonshine and gin, nigga you’re babblin’, your words ain’t flatterin’ I’m imaginin’ Denzel but lookin’ at O’Neal” – Kendrick Lamar, How Much a Dollar Cost.

“The language we talkin’ is trapanese, can’t trust a soul, all these niggas be babblin’” 22Gz, Surburban.

“My trunk be shakin’, vibratin’ and rattlin’ Pumpin’ so loud, all the shorties be babblin’” – LL Cool J, The Boomin’ System.

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