Cum rag


Cum rag (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cum-rahg/

Also spelled: Cumrag, Cum-rag

Related: Cum

What does Cum rag mean?

1. Something you use to wipe semen after ejaculation.

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2. A promiscuous woman who likes being ejaculated in or on.

Cum rag Synonyms: Cum dumpster, Bust Down, Busser, Thot, Whore, Slut

Example sentence: “Time to wash the cum rag.”

Cum rag in songs:

“I used the welcome mat as a cum rag” – Tyler the Creator, Fish / Boppin’ Bitch.

“You proud to be this nigga cum rag?” – Kash Doll, For Everybody.

“She got me and my lady’s cum rag, that’s just one of the things I done bad” – Tech N9ne, Which One.

“Then I let him use my face as a cum rag” – Lil Kim, Found You.

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