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AK-47 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /AK-47/

Also spelled or known as: AK 47, AK47

Related: K, A to the K

What does AK-47 mean?

Atvomat Kalashnikova 1947; an assault rifle.

AK-47 Synonyms: K, A to the K

Origin: The AK-47 is a gas-operated automatic rifle first designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and originally produced in Russia.

Example sentence: “He was shooting an AK-47 in the film.”

AK-47 in songs:

“Oh, you got a gun, so you wanna pop back? AK-47 now, nigga, stop that” – Snoop Dogg, Drop It Like It’s Hot.

“We gon’ chop your ass up just like some sushi, AK-47, stick go stupid” – Young Nudy, Down Bad.

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