Mingle (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /min-gle/

Related: Mingling, Mingled

What does Mingle mean?

To talk to, interact, or get to know new people.

Mingle Synonyms: Chat, Mix, Connect

Example sentence:I’m ready to mingle with a shorty after all this time healing.”

Mingle in songs:

“The bitches always wanna mingle, I’m stacking my money like pringles” – Takeoff, Bando.

Antisocial, this pussy don’t mingle ” – Yung Miami, Pussy Talk.

“Who would’ve thought I would mingle with celebrity singles” – Logic, The High Life.

“But I had them singles though and them hoes at the show gonna mingle, yo, heh, y’all know” – Kanye West, Big Brother.

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