Mobbin’ (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /mob-in/

Also spelled or known as: Mobbing

Related: Mob, Mobbed

What does Mobbin’ mean?

To be hanging out with a big group of people.

Mobbin’ Synonyms: Boolin

Example sentence: “I’m just mobbin’ city to city with the gang.”

Mobbin’ in songs:

“He was sobbin’, he was mobbin’, way belligerent and drunk” – Kendrick Lamar, XXX..

“We young niggas, we mobbin’, like Batman and we’re robbin'” – Meek Mill, Dreams and Nightmares (Intro).

Mobbin’ like Italians, we really take yo fingas” – DeJ Loaf, Try Me.

“Was mobbin’ deep as ’96 Havoc and Prodigy did” – Earl Sweatshirt, Chum.

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