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Gimmie (slang)

Type: contraction, slang

Pronunciation: /gee-mi/

Also spelled: Gimmi, Gimme

What does Gimmie mean?

Give me. Gimmie is slang for Give me.

Related to Gimmie: Lemme, Finna, Boutta, Gonna, I’mma

Example sentence: “Luckily the popo didn’t gimmie a ticket.”

Gimmie in songs:

Don’t deflate it up gimmie the bucks my cash wrinkling up Looking back in the days” – Joey Bada$$, Belly of the Beast.

Gimmie some racks, ’bout 5 stacks” – Chief Keef, John Madden.

“She gotta fatty, I might tap that Gimmie yaaddy we pulling up to yapad” – Joey Trap, Sesame Street (Extended Version).

“I make her candy rain let it rain on my tongue Tell her don’t stop get it get it Gimmiegimmie‘ some Baby don’t stop get it get it til we get it done” – Billy Bang, Candy Rain.

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