Zay (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /zay/

Related: Zaywop

What does Zay mean?

1. Isaiah Rashad’s nickname.

Other Isaiah Rashad Nicknames: Zaywop, Spottie, Billy Batson

Isaiah Rashad’s real name: Isaiah Rashad Joel McClain

2. Zaytovens nickname.

Zaytoven’s real name: Xavier Lamar Dotson

Example sentence: “Isaiah Rashad also goes by Zay.”

Zay in songs:

“Heard Soulo comin’ up next And SZA got a classic, nigga Heard Zay just got it mastered” – ScHoolboy Q, THat Part (Black Hippy Remix).

“I told Zay, I’m the best rapper since twenty-five Been like that for a while now, I’m twenty-nine” – Kendrick Lamar, Wat’s Wrong.

Beat came from Metro, this shit ain’t from Zay” – Gunna, Helluva Price.

“Where you, Zay? Highway 58, at my cousin house” – Isaiah Rashad, Free Lunch.

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