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Yerk (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /yerk/

Related: Yerky, Perky, Perc

What does Yerk mean?

A perc or percocet.

Yerk Synonyms: Yerky, Perc, Perk

Example sentence: “He is on a yerk right now.”

Yerk in songs:

“Off a yerk might fuck if she heard of me Swag flu, my closet infirmary” – KILLY, Swag Flu.

Scammin’ flippin’ scripts, found a yerk in the floppy disc” – BabyTron, XXX.

“I just popped a lilhalf a yerk so I’m feelin’ fantastic I’m like fuck it I’ma just go to work ’cause I been in the bank like Ashton, uh” – G Herbo, Up It.

“I fell in love with the yonk, I fell in love with the yerk Yeah, they talking ’bout twizzy been putting me on, twizzy been putting in work” – Yeat, ‎nëw phone.

“Going through shit, I just skrrt, man Need a painkiller, so just call a yerk man” – Duwap Kaine, I Can’t Help It.

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