What’s the dealio


What’s the dealio (slang)

Type: phrases, slang

Pronunciation: /whats-the-d-leo/

Also spelled or known as: What the dealio, Whats the dealio, What’s the dilly-o

Related: Dealio, What’s the dilly

What does What’s the dealio mean?

What’s the deal?

What’s the dealio synonyms: What’s the dilly

Example sentence:Yo, What’s the dealio? haven’t heard from you all week.”

What’s the dealio in songs:

What’s the dealio on xanny and a benzo” – Lucki, Six Forty.

Pull up to the strip, hop out, whats the dealio” – Chief Keef, Sosa Jefferson.

“Tell me what’s the dealio, I dunno why they hate me” – Kap G, Me No Hablo.

What’s the dealio? Sharp like Number 24s free throw” – Logic, Mind of a Maniac.

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What's the dealio
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What's the dealio
What's the dealio