Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /un-easy/

Also spelled or known as: Un-easy

What does Uneasy mean?

A feeling of anxiety or discomfort.

Uneasy Synonyms: Uncomfortable, Tense, Agitated, Worried, On edge

Example sentence: “I was feeling uneasy till I got my bread up.”

Uneasy in songs:

Don’t push me ’cause I’m way too uneasy nowadays” – Drake, 4PM in Calabassas.

“I love how I can make so many people feel uneasy” – Kid Cudi, Cold Blooded.

“When I was broke, I was feelin’ uneasy” – NAV, Don’t Need Friends.

“That’s why they looking so uneasy when they hear about” – Lil Dicky, Make Belief.

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