Tweeting (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /tweet-in/

Related: Tweet, Subtweet, Tweeted, Subtweeted, Subtweeting

Plural: Tweets

What does Tweeting mean?

To be posting on Twitter.

Example sentence: “I was tweeting the lyrics before the song came out.”

Tweeting in songs:

“Lotta talking, lotta Tweeting, ’til you hear that chopper speaking” – Meek Mill, Power Circle.

“I know they tweeting, them hoes is cappin'” – DDG, Arguments.

“Y’all quick for the tweeting, y’all quick to be tumbling” – A$AP Ferg, Murda Something

“Got you tweeting all stupid, is you skatin’, is you dissin'” – Pusha-T, Tell Me What They Mad For.

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