Timbos (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /timb-ohs/

What does Timbos mean?

Timberland boots.

Timbos Synonyms: Timbs

Example sentence: “We in New York with some Timbos.”

Timbos in songs:

“We don’t Just Blaze we blowem out of they Timbos” – Fabolous, For the Family.

Timbos on the toes, I like the way it’s going down” – Q-Tip, Oh My God.

The hood taught me don’t talk, just walk mine, Timbos on the curb by the stop sign” – Machine Gun Kelly, Till I Die.

“You can’t compare ho, Seeing me with my kinfolk, When I rock black hoodies and timbos” – Erick Arc Elliott, YBA.

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