Tical (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /tic-all/

What does Tical mean?

Method Man’s nickname.

Other Method Man Nicknames: Johnny Blaze, Tical, Shakwon, The Panty Raider, Methtical, Ticallion Stallion, Blazini, MZA, Hott Nikkels, Hot Nixon, Iron Lung, Meth, Johnny Dangerous, Methical, Mr. Mef

Method Man’s real name: Clifford Smith

Example sentence: “Method Man also goes by Tical.”

Tical in songs:

Nigga want Tical, make it happen” – Method Man, What the Blood Clot!?!.

Tical bring it to that ass raw Breakin’ all the rules like glass jaws” – Method Man, How High.

“This rap profession Now peep Tical, the son of the Shaolin Isle, bless my style, criminology pays The last times and days, Johnny fucking Blaze” – Method Man, Wu-Gambinos.

“Apocalypse Now, mind over matter Next batter be Tical, put it on a platter” – Method Man, Visionz.

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