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Candyman (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /can-d-man/

Also spelled or known as: Candy man, Candy-man

What does Candyman mean?

A drug dealer.

Candyman Synonyms: Medicine man, D-boy, Dope boy, Trapper, Slanger, Pusha, Weedman, Plug, Dopeman, Mad hatter, Trap star, Pusha Man, Connect, Dealer, Supplier, Drug dealer

Example sentence: “The e is pulling up in 10 minutes.”

Candyman in songs:

Fly as fuck, like an airplane, get out my lane jit Candyman, he servin’ Pakistan, right out the barber kit” – RugRatOD, RocknRoll.

“Homeless person gotta shuffle cans Take ’em up to the recycle bin, take his bread to the candyman” – ScHoolboy Q, Figg Get da Money.

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