Studio gangster


Studio gangster (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /stu-dio-gang-ster/

Also spelled or known as: Studio gangsta, Studio-gangster

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What does Studio gangster mean?

A rapper or producer who talks about committing crimes they haven’t committed or the street life they haven’t lived.

Studio gangster Synonyms: Studio gangsta

Example sentence: “He’s not street, just a studio gangster.”

Studio gangster in songs:

“So studio gangster put your motherfucking mic down” – Pooh-Man, Studio Gangster.

Studio gangster mack signed the deal, thinks he’s gonna make a mil'” – Cypress Hill, (Rock) Superstar.

Studio gangster, ain’t gonclap shit” – Spinabenz, Active 2.

“The terminator, the fake studio gangster exterminator” – MuskaBeatz, I’m A Star.

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Studio gangster
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Studio gangster
Studio gangster