Street sweeper


Street sweeper (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /streeet-swee-pa/

Also spelled or known as: Street-sweeper, Streetsweeper

Related: Broom

What does Street sweeper mean?

A fully automatic shotgun.

Street sweeper Synonyms: Uzi, Broom, Stick

Example sentence: “He has a street sweeper and a broom, but he’s not cleansing.”

Street sweeper in songs:

“Bought a street sweeper to clean up the street” – Gunna, STREET SWEEPER.

“Hundred six shots bark on a nigga, street sweeper wet’ – The Game, El Chapo.

“I get the fire and I aim at your noon, Street sweeper, we not talkin’ ’bout the broom” – Offset, Rap Saved Me.

“I’ve got a street sweeper.. do you need your street cleaned?” – Lil Wayne, Amen (D4).

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