Stack up

Stack up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /stahk-up/

Also spelled or known as: Stack-up

Related: Staked up, Stack, Stacking, Stacking up, Stackin’ up

What does Stack up mean?

To make or save a lot of money.

Stack up Synonyms: Run it up, Stack up

Example sentence:I’m going back to LA to stack up.”

Stack up in songs:

“No, promise I’m not ’bout to play, yeah Young nigga tryna stack up his cake, yeah” – SoFaygo, Knock Knock.

Stack up my cash, I got height, Take advantage of the Sprite” – Playboi Carti, New Choppa.

Yeah, yeah, yeah this year we finna make a killin’ (Yeah) Now the money stack up to the ceilin'” – A$AP Rocky, Electric Body.

“I be on syrup, they know it, huh Stack up some money, then blow it, huh” – Future, Jersey.

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Stack up
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Stack up