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Spazzed (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /spazz-ed/

Also spelled or known as: Spazzed out

Related: Spazz, Spazzin’, Spazzing

What does Spazzed mean?

To have freaked out or gone crazy.

Spazzed Synonyms: Blanked

Example sentence: “He hopped on the beat and spazzed.”

Spazzed in songs:

Guwop just spazzed out on another one, Wop!” – Gucci Mane, Bentley Coupe.

Point blank range I spazzed, pulled a bone on his ass” – 50 Cent, Gotta Make It to Heaven.

Locked in lab rooms, hit with the Glock, spazzed in Grant’s Tomb” – Raekwon, Apollo Kids.

“You know I’ve traveled through zones Homes spazzed like a bad back” – Jay-Z, Things That U Do.

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