Snapping (slang)

Type: adjectives, slang

Pronunciation: /snahpped/

Also spelled or known as: Snappin

Related: Snap, Snapped, Snappin

What does Snapping mean?

1. To be doing something very well.

Snapping Synonyms: Going in

2. To be getting mad.

Example sentence: “My girlfriend was snapping on me when i came home late.”

Snapping in songs:

“Cole keeps snapping like a Mustard jam” – J. Cole, Black Friday.

Snapping on a track like the illest conductor” – Logic, GP4.

“If they bite and I’m snapping, clap clap, collapsing they lungs” – Chance the Rapper, Good Ass Intro.

“Speakers playing Marvin Gaye, so I started snapping” – Yung Gravy, Cheryl.

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