Smirking (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /smerk-in/

Also spelled or known as: Smirkin’

Related: Smirk, Smirked

What does Smirking mean?

To be giving a conceited, cocky, or arrogant smile.

Example sentence: “I saw you smirking at me earlier girl..”

Smirking in songs:

Haters still smirking like the gators on an Izod” – Black Thought, Bird’s Eye View.

Gold teeth when I’m smirking” – A$AP Ferg, Hood Pope.

“Saying I’ll hit her back knowing I’m never gon’ call, she was hurtin’ Now she’s staring dead in my face, she was smirking” – J. Cole, LAnd of the Snakes.

“I ain’t grinning, I ain’t smirking, do it if it’s worth it” – DeJ Loaf, You Don’t Know Me.

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