Smirk (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /smerk/

Related: Smirking, Smirked

What does Smirk mean?

A conceited, cocky, or arrogant smile.

Example sentence: “I gave her a smirk on my way out the club.”

Smirk in songs:

“We in the rib with a smirk nigga, all geared up” – RZA, American Royalty.

“So stay alert, no smirk, ’cause these knuckles hurt” – Big L, 8 Iz Enuff.

“Saw the pain in ya face, still you maintained a smirk” – Jay-Z, You Must Love Me.

“Just ’cause I put away the sawed off Now I got you sittin’ back with a smirk” – Dr. Dre, Hello.

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