Slammer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /slam-err/

Also known as: The Slammer

Plural: Slammers

What does Slammer mean?

A jail or prison.

Slammer Synonyms: Can, Up north, Cage, Pen, Box, Kennel, Central booking

Example sentence: “They free’d my guy out the slammer.”

Slammer in songs:

“Free all my day one niggas out the slammer” – Lil Tjay, Ruthless.

“‘They sing a different tune when the slammer close” – No Malice, Use This Gospel.

Feds want me in the slammer, damn” – Joyner Lucas, Devil’s Work.

“Ridin’ for my niggas gettin’ locked up in the slammer” – Jidenna, Long Live the Chief.

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