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Side piece

Side piece (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /side-piece/

Also spelled or known as: Side-piece, Sidepiece

Related: Side

What does Side piece mean?

A secret or known partner, outside of a relationship.

Side piece Synonyms: Side, Sneaky link

Example sentence: “My side piece keeps texting me when I’m with my wife.”

Side piece in songs:

“He in the field ’bout to punt somethin’ I hit your main and your side piece That’s on the low but I’m on one” – Meek Mill, On the Regular.

“Know that you niggas sit beside me tryna slide on my side piece Tint all through the whip, I hope it can hide me” – Travis Scott, Moon Rock.

“Buy a Richard Mill’ when I get bored, Put my side piece inside a Porsche” – 21 Savage, Cash In Cash Out.

I’m laid up with my side piece The one that text while you was right there laying up beside me” – Future, Throw Away.

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Side piece
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Side piece