Zoes (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /zohs/

Related: Z, Zo, Zoe, Zoe gang, Zoe pound

What does Zoes mean?

Members of the Haitian Zoe Pound gang.

Zoes Synonyms: Z’s

Example sentence: “A lot of zoes live in Miami, Florida.”

Zoes in songs:

“Just in Miami, I was chillin’ where the Zoes at” – Roddy Ricch, Boom Boom Room.

Shout out to them Florida niggas, I know some zoes” – Juice WRLD, Tim Westwood Freestyle.

“You fuckin’ with my zoes, Like you playin’ in a zoo” – Kodak Black, Coolin and Booted.

“Red eyes, and I got them Zoes with me” – Future, Stick Talk.

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