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Ruckus (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rock-is/

What does Ruckus mean?

A noisy commotion or situation.

Ruckus Synonyms: Brawl

Example sentence:Don’t you dare come back here you little rascal!”

Ruckus in songs:

“Odd Future wolves stirring ruckus, throwing sets up, yeah”. – Tyler, The Creator, Tron Cat.

“The ruckus had been my favorite, King Kunta the fuckin’ greatest” – Kendrick Lamar, Black Friday.

I’m so thuggish ruggish bringing ruckus, knucking if you bucking” – A$AP Rocky, Suddenly.

“‘Til the cops cuff us, gon’ start ruckus and drop blockbusters” – Sticky Fingaz, Remember Me?.

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