R.T.D. (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym, slang

Pronunciation: /r-t-d/

Also spelled: RTD, R-T-D

What does R.T.D. mean and stand for?

1. Rough, tough, and dangerous.

2. Rapid Transit District; A public bus in Los Angeles County where robberies occur.

R.T.D. Synonyms: RTD

Example sentence: I’ve never ridden the R.T.D.

R.T.D. in songs:

“To be a G like meeeee Be down to make them bitches catch that R.T.D.” – Slink Capone, Too $hort.

“I bombed the R.T.D. driver’s side then hit the bus stop” – Rakaa Iriscience, Rapid Transit.

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