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Riding steamer

Riding steamer (slang)

Type: noun, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /ride-in-steam-er/

Also spelled or known as: Ridin’ steamer, Riding-steamer

What does Riding steamer mean?

To be driving a stolen vehicle.

Example sentence: “He got caught riding streamer.”

Riding steamer origin: Memphis, TN

Riding steamer in songs:

“”He be mad as hell, riding steamers, while I’m pushin’ caddies” – La Chat, Can’t Sit With Us.

“We was riding steamers like GTA” – Vic Mensa, THE TASTE.

“Remember on that block, riding steamers” – Prince Dre, Problem Solver.

“Was riding steamer, now I’m flyin’ in the Lear” – Big Scarr, Frozone.

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Riding steamer
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Riding steamer

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