Ranting (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /r-ant/

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What does Ranting mean?

To be expressing an opinion extensively.

Ranting Synonyms: Rambling, Venting, Preaching

Example sentence: “The whole class wanted to watch the viral video of the teacher ranting.”

Ranting in songs:

I’m something like the chairman of the board, ranting” – Joey Bada$$, Like Me.

“”Fuckem all!”‘s what I’m chanting, don’t complain, I’m just ranting” – Tyler the Creator, Seven.

“While we ranting and raving ’bout gats, Nigga, they made them gats they got some shit that’ll blow out” – Andre 3000, Babylon.

“I started ranting and raving” – Stormzy, Intro.

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