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Puttin’ work in

Puttin’ work in (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /put-in-work-in/

Also spelled or known as: Putting work in

Related: Work, Put in work, Puttin’ in work

What does Puttin’ work in mean?

1. To be giving something your all and doing your best.

Puttin’ work in Synonyms: Hustling, Grinding, Putting in work

2. To be engaging in gang-related activities or something dangerous or illegal.

Example sentence: “Damn babe, I see you puttin’ work in.”

Puttin’ work in in songs:

I’m just gon’ have another drink And when I’m puttin’ work in on a weekend I’ll look back on this and think How we had the club going up” – Drake, Tuesday.

“Little kids puttin’ work in like at Gap and Disney In the whip, high as shit like Bobby and Whitney” – Immortal Technique, Goonies Never Die.

“My young niggas hurt them, they meant to murkem They puttin’ work in, have ’em bring it to you like, yeah, yeah” – 50 Cent, Yeah Yeah.

“Sleeves up, puttin’ work in, tryna be better I like to rap, but I ain’t gon’ do it forever” – NF, Change.

“I’ma sit my ass back, ain’t none of y’all puttin’ work in You wanna make money, man, that’s so ironic” – Azizi Gibson, Cruel Intentions.

So now I’m all in Niko basement puttin’ work in on the phones Either that or drive to Money Mart to make the pickups” – Drake, 0 to 100 / The Catch Up.

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Puttin' work in
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Puttin' work in