Pull a caper

Pull a caper (phrase)

Type: verb, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /pull-a-cap-err/

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What does Pull a caper mean?

To rob someone or something.

Pull a caper Synonyms: Hit a lick

Example sentence:Don’t make me come in your store and pull a caper.”

Pull a caper in songs:

I’m lil’ kidding, lil’ kidding, I’m ’bout to pull a caper” – Maxo Kream, Drizzy Draco.

“If we ain’t got it, pull a caper just to solve the problem” – Gina Marley, Change.

“I’ma do, I’ma do, I’ma do what it takes, I’ma go get that cake, I’ma go pull a caper” – Kodak Black, Pull a Caper.

“RIP Nuskey, free Nine, and bitch I pull a caper” – Lil Durk, Figi Shots.

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Pull a caper
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Pull a caper

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