Pocket watching

Pocket watching (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /paw-ket-watch-in/

Also known or spelled as: Pocket-watching, Pocket watchin’, Pocket-watchin’

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Plural: Pocket watchers

What does Pocket watching mean?

To be watching and monitoring how someone is making and spending money.

Example sentence: “I sound like im pocket watching but he just bought a million dollar crib.”

Pocket watching in songs:

Pussy nigga hatin’, pocket watching, Hope that they ain’t forget the pocket rocket” – Lil Baby, Narcs.

“Why you hating on me and you pocket watching get yo self paid nigga” – G Herbo, Watch Me Ball.

Yo, I just copped a pocket rocket, grr, For all you niggas pocket watching” – Young M.A, BIG.

Ain’t got a dollar you’re so Brokanese, Why you niggas pocket watching” – Takeoff, Brokanese.

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Pocket watching
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Pocket watching