Pocket watchers


Pocket watchers (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /paw-ket-watch-r’s/

Also known or spelled as: Pocket-watchers

Related: Pockets, Pocket watching

Singular: Pocket watcher

What does Pocket watcher mean?

People who watch how someone is making and spending money.

Example sentence: “The music industry is filled with pocket watchers.”

Pocket watchers in songs:

“I see pussy pocket watchers through the Diors” – PeeWee Longway, Pocket Watchin.

“See I’m tired of all of these pocket watchers” – Danny Brown, Kool Aid.

Pocket watchers lookin’ at the bottle poppers” – Don Q, Still Feel Me.

“ManMan warned me bout you pocket watchers” – Omari Shakir, Too Much Pt. 2.

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