Peroidt (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pee-riet/

What does Peroidt mean?

To emphasize something that was just said. 

Peroidt Synonyms: Facts

Example sentence: “I’m no fuckin’ with no bird chick, Peroidt.”

Peroidt in songs:

“They scream, “Periodt” with period blood all over they titties” – REASON, Might Not Make It.

“She say, “Period,” I be like, “Periodt“” – Kodak Black, Christmas in Miami.

“I’m screaming “Periodt, bitch!” like City Girl clone – Sausy Santana, You Can’t Kill Me.

“This one for all the city girls, on periodt” – Ishan The Rapper.

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