City girl

City girl (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sit-e-gurl/

Also spelled or known as: City-girl, City gurl

Plural: City girls

Related: City boy

What does City girl mean?

A woman from the city who lives the city life.

City girl Synonyms: Thot, Hot girl, Ratchet, Busser

Example sentence: “She is really connected, she is a city girl.”

Coined by: City girls

City girl in songs:

Point blank period, like a City Girl and then I bring it back to 50 world” – Drake, Gold Roses.

I’m a City Girl, y’all bitches is some hoochies” – Yung Miami, Twerkulator.

“Real country girl, but she got city girl dreams” – Rod Wave, What’s Love??.

I’m a City Girl, you a pissy girl, You a lazy bitch, I’ma busy girl” – Yung Miami, Runnin.

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City girl
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City girl