Pat down


Pat down (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pat-down/

Also spelled or known as: Pat-down, Patdown

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What does Pat down mean?

To search someone before entering. Usually for drugs, weapons, and recording devices.

Pat down Synonyms: Pat

Example sentence:TSA gave a good pat down before i boarded.”

Pat down in songs:

“Walkin’ in the back door to the pat down” – Mac Miller, When in Rome.

“I always pack heat, yeah, my mouth need a pat down” – Childish Gambino, Let Me Dope You.

“I ain’t take a pat down, I’m inside the club with my piece” – Nav, Wolves.

“Walk up in the club, they don’t pat down me” – Rico Nasty, Key Lime OG.

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