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Off the hizzle

Off the hizzle (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /off-da-hizz-ull/

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What does Off the hizzle mean?

Off the hook; 1. To be very wild or out of control. 2. To be very good. 3. To be released from trouble.

Off the hizzle Synonyms: Off the heezy, Off the chain, Off the hizzy

Example sentence: “I got my girl on my hizzle.”

Off the hizzle in songs:

I’m off the hizzle, with two pistols now” – Mack Maine, First Place Winner.

On the daily, off the hizzle, rock my hizzle, shake my Skittles” – Diamond, Rock Yo Hips.

“Fa’ shizzle dizzle, it’s Big Snoopy D-O double Gizzle Wit my nephew Swizzle, you know it’s off the hizzle” – Snoop Dogg, Bigger Business.

“Please believe me, go fa sheezy Off the hizzle, do ya thizzle” – – Yukmouth, Oakland Raiders.

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Off the hizzle
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Off the hizzle

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