Off beat


Off beat (slang)

Type: adjectives, slang

Pronunciation: /awf-beat/

Also spelled or known as: Off-beat, Offbeat

What does Off beat mean?

1. To not be on beat or rapping out of beat.

2. Unusual.

Offbeat Synonyms: Off

Example sentence: “I didn’t like the song cause he was rapping off beat.”

Off beat in songs:

“Eskimo Dance, you was spitting off beat” – Skepta, Lyrics.

“I’m off beat still killing shit, I’m speaking all street still killing shit” – Meek Mill,

“I was sick of getting off beat, she a bongo” – Lil Dicky, Bruh

“I could sit here and talk off beat” – Blueface, Dead Locs.

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