No hesi

No hesi (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /no-hesi/

Also spelled or known as: No-hesi, Nohesi

What does No hesi mean?

No Hesitation.

Example sentence: “I bought a fire truck with No hesi.”

No hesi in songs:

“When Jimmy call me, I’ma pull up with no hesi’” – Cash Kidd, No Hesi.

Duppy the ooter, no hesi’, gonfire” – Quelly Woo, Try Ya Luck.

“Life Is Looking So Bright My Vision On 2020 Shooting My Shots No Hesi Biscotti Got Me Deady” – Manny Valentine, GO MODE.

“Drunker than a bitch, she tryna pump me, bitch, no hesi‘” – K Camp, Don’t Drink Dasani.

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No hesi
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No hesi