Fall off

Fall off (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /fall-off/

Also spelled or known as: Fall-off, falloff

Related: Falling off, Fallin’ off, Fell off

What does Fall off mean?

To no longer be popular.

Example sentence: “Kanye West will never fall off.”

Fall off in songs:

“If you thinkin’ I’ma fuckinfall off, you’re so wrong: – 50 Cent, Patiently Waiting.

Rappers need to fall off just to save me the trouble, yo” – MF DOOM, Doomsday.

“Wonderin’ if I’ma ever fall off Feelin’ mad at the world, wanna hit it with a sawed-off” – Logic, Alright.

Don’t wanna fall off so I’m all in my bag Thankin’ God like it’s biblical” – J. Cole, ATM.

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Fall off
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Fall off