Nicks (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /niks/

Related: Nickels, Nick bags

Singular: Nick

What does Nicks mean?

Five dollars ($5) worth of marijuana.

Nicks Synonyms: Nickels, Nick bags

Example sentence: “We got nicks for days..”

Nicks in songs:

“Started out selling dimes and nicks Graduated to a brick, no exaggeration” – Jay-Z, My 1st Song.

“Fake love left them niggas behind Buying nicks used to sell them as dimes” – Lil Tjay, Forever.

So hurry up and cop and go, we sellin’ nicks and dimes” – 50 Cent, Wanksta.

“If I go broke, I’ma kick doors, I’ma go back to sellin’ nicks at the Citgo” – Lil Pump, Butterfly Doors.

“Uncle used to skim work, sellin’ nicks at night I was only 8 years old, watching Nick at Nite” – A$AP Ferg, Plain Jane (Remix).

“Then I figured out nicks went for 20s down South Packed up my tools for my raw power move” – The Notorious B.I.G., Everyday Struggle.

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