Munchies (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mun-cheese/

Also spelled or known as: The munchies

What does Munchies mean?

Hunger after smoking marijuana.

Example sentence: “We had the munchies after just being in Miami for 4 hours.”

Munchies in songs:

“Now roll the weed and get the munchies, she be the cuisine” – Wale, Beauty.

“I eat at Nobu when I get the munchies” – NAV, Don’t Need Friends.

“Yeah, baby, Thugger Thugger hungry, yes, I’m hungry, Young Thugger got the munchies” – Young Thug, Numbers.

“Eat me some pussy when I got the munchies” – Lil Wayne, No Lie Remix.

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