Mean mug

Mean mug (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mean-muhg/

Also known or spelled as: Mean-mug

Related: Muggin’, Mugged, Mean muggin’

What does Mean mug mean?

An angry or mean stare.

Mean mug Synonyms: Ice grill

Example sentence: “Why are you giving me a mean mug, are you mad at me?”

Mean mug in songs:

“I was born with a mean mug, I was born with some nappy hair, Drinkin’ breast milk out a lean cup” – 2 Chainz, 3500.

“We mean mugMoThugs, trained to be perfect disciples” – Bizzy Bone, Notorious Thugs.

Mean mug everything about my team” – Rocko, Coca Coca.

“He approached this thug that had a mean mug and it looked so familiar that he called him “Young Cuz”” – Jay-Z, Meet the Parents.

Lebron Mean Mug
Lebron Mean Mug

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Mean mug
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Mean mug