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Mugged (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /mawg-ed/

Related: Mug, Muggin’, Mugger

What does Mugged mean?

To have attacked and stole.

Mugged Synonyms: Jacked, Jugged, Stiffed, Finessed, Looted, Robbed, Ganked

Example sentence:Don’t get mugged with all that jewelry on.”

Mugged in songs:

“Old folks get mugged and raided, crimes are drug-related” – Big L, 7 Minute Freestyle.

So many bitches in my neighborhood got mugged” – MC Ren, The Dayz Of Wayback.

“You mugged me, but you never spoke, you never tried to square up” – G-Eazy, BAD BOY.

“My trophy sister, she’ll get mugged” – Tyler, the Creator, Enzo.

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