Makeshift (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /make-shift/

Also spelled or known as: Make-shift, Make shift

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What does Makeshift mean?

1. A temporary substitute.

Makeshift Synonyms: Make-do, Provisional

2. A fake item.

Makeshift Synonyms: Fugazi

Example sentence: “This is a makeshift studio, the main one is getting built.”

Makeshift in songs:

“Young niggas in the set that’s doing it makeshift” – Nipsey Hussle, Last Time That I Checc’d.

“When I get pissed and smash through the makeshift” – Xzibit, Get Your Walk On.

Makeshift millions, knocking down your buildings” – Mike G, Loaded.

“This Soul Tape shit, never makeshift, all naturale” – Wale, Beauty.

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