Louies (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /lou-ees/

Also spelled or known as: Louis

Related: LV, Louis

What does Louies mean?

Louis Vuitton merchandise.

Louies Synonyms: Louis

Example sentence: “I bought my brother some louies for his birthday.”

Louies in songs:

“All-white bitch to match my all-white Louies Millionaire frames hand-made; I’m just coolin'” – Future, Yeah Yeah.

“Just another nigga from the street, Louies on my feet Up all night, it been like this for weeks, we don’t never sleep” – Dave East, Penthouse.

I’m in a foreign truck, gettin’ my dick sucked New Louies, come take a picture” – Chief Keef, Be Back.

“All these Louies in the shoe boxes, I don’t know what color let me open one Riding around in this Rolex, hoes tweeting me it’s that over ton That’s no lie, circle tighter than a bow tie” – Pablo Skywalkin, Flex On Em (Remix).

“It’s cold in the booth, I should rap in a snow suit Get my truly sound, my Louies on” – 2 Chainz, Gasolean.

“Now the daddy glowin’, I’m a lightshow Louies on, not the spikes though” – Icewear Vezzo, Angel Wings.

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