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Locking in

Locking in (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /lock-in-in/

Also spelled or known as: Lockin’ in

Related: Lock in, Locked in

What does Locking in mean?

To be focusing.

Locking in Synonyms: Dialed in

Example sentence:Yo broski, what time are we locking in?”

Locking in in songs:

I’m never clocking out, but always locking in” – Big Stan, Where I Wanna Be.

“My shit is felt I was locking in Six months without no help, it was routine” – Dave East, Bipolar.

Locking in, you know the gang, we locking in (Locking in) Hustling, yeah, stuff your pockets in (Hustling) Jet with no passengers flyin’ in (Gone) Yeah, yeah, popping shit (Popping shit) Lilbro ain’t gon’ play when he popping it” – Quavo, Chocolate.

“Its 2017, we still moving, still locking in Still moving around with Floyd “Money” Mayweather confidence Beating the odds The records say that I’m undefeated” – Dizzy Wright, They Believe.

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Locking in
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Locking in