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J’s (slang)

Type: noun, drugs

Pronunciation: /j-ayys/

Related: Joint

Singular: J

What does J’s mean?

1. A pair of Jordans.

2. Joints. J’s is short for marijuana joints.

J’s Synonyms: Doobies, Spliffs

Similar to J’s: Blunts, Backwoods

3. Junkies.

Example sentence: “I love wearing all my J’s throughout the week.”

J’s in songs:

“They killin’ niggas for J’s, that’s death over designer” – J. Cole, Nobody’s Perfect.

“I smoked a couple j’s i rolled a couple more fore’ I’m out” – Wiz Khalifa, Long Way to Go.

Nigga, I was posted on the corner where the J’s at” Roddy Ricch, Walk Em Down.

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