Insomnia (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /in-som-nia/

What does Insomnia mean?

Inability to sleep.

Insomnia Synonyms: Sleeplessness

Example sentence: “I finally got my insomnia problems fixed.”

Insomnia in songs:

“What you wit’? Lucci or drama?, No sleep means insomnia, No need to check the clock, the streets’ll time ya” – Nas, Suspect.

“If they sleepin’ on me, the hoes better get insomnia” – Eminem, Godzilla.

“That’s OG bossed up wisdom, no sleep insomnia” – Russ, Got This.

“It’s just us, fuck the rest we got insomnia” – Lil Wayne, Pure Colombia.

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