IG model

IG model (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ig-mod-ool/

Also spelled or known as: IG-model, IGmodel

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What does IG model mean?

Someone who claims to be a model, but has no agency and doesn’t do any modeling.

IG model Synonyms: Instagram model

Example sentence: “My ex-girlfriend was an IG model.”

IG model in songs:

Bad bitch with me, she a IG model” – DDG, BGC.

“Every IG model want my dick but they get cropped” – Fat Nick, Seven Figure Habits.

“Real hood bitch, I’m not no IG model” – J.T., One of Them Nights.

“Last night i had dinner with a IG model” – Money Man, 9/11 freestyle.

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IG model
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IG model