French kiss

French kiss (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /french-kiss/

Also spelled or known as: French-kiss, Frenchkiss

What does French kiss mean?

A deep mouth kiss using tongue.

French kiss Synonyms: Soul kiss

Example sentence: “All i got from my last relationship was a french kiss.”

French kiss in songs:

“I got this French chick that love to French kiss, She thinks she’s Bo Derek, wear her hair in a twist” – Jay-Z, Girls, Girls, Girls.

French kiss a bitch, she don’t speak French, can’t kiss and tell” – Lil Wayne, Glory.

“I give this faggot a french kiss, Black gloves, no prints, dark tints” – Jadakiss, Last Day.

“Got a French bitch, no friendship and she givin’ my dick a French kiss” – The Game, I Don’t Like (Remix).

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French kiss
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French kiss